What Is Orthodontics Treatment?


Orthodontics treatment is the process of straightening and moving teeth to improve their appearance and function. It is an essential part of dental health, as a misaligned bite can cause problems with chewing and speech and increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

The first stage of orthodontic treatment is to assess your problem and find a suitable course of treatment for you. Using X-rays and plaster models, the Orthodontist North West Las Vegas will create a treatment plan to move your teeth into their desired position.

There are different types of orthodontic treatment, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some treatments are more effective than others, so it's important to work with your orthodontist to determine the best course of action for you.

Braces - These are the most common type of treatment, used to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. They use a constant pressure of an arch wire to slowly move teeth into the right position over time.

This treatment can fix a variety of problems, including underbites (lower jaw protrusion), gaps between teeth and crossbites. It can also fix severe crowding.

It is a good option for mild to moderate cases, but it's not recommended for complex orthodontic cases where continuous pressure needs to be applied over a long period of time.

Invisalign - Another alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth. They are a popular choice for adults who don't like the idea of wearing metal braces.

They are more comfortable to wear and require less supervision than fixed appliances. They are also often less noticeable than other braces, and they can be removed while eating or brushing.

Other alternatives to braces are headgear and retainers. The latter are custom-made and can be worn at night to help keep the teeth in place as they straighten.

Appliances - There are many appliances that can be used to straighten teeth, and Orthodontist Las Vegas will work with you to select the best one for your situation. Some of these appliances include:

Ligatures - These are small devices that are attached to your teeth and can help to keep them in place as they straighten. They are usually worn for a few months and can help to reduce the amount of force that your teeth need to apply.

Retainers - At the end of your treatment, retainers are made to keep your teeth in their new positions. They can be removable or fixed, and are usually worn for a few months to prevent your teeth from shifting back out of their new positions.

Flossing and mouth tape - It's a good idea to floss daily, as this can remove any food that may have stuck in between your teeth. It's also vital to tape your mouth shut at night so that you don't breathe through your teeth during the night, which can increase the chance of bad oral bacteria causing damage to your braces.

Avoid whitening toothpastes - Whitening pastes are abrasive and can damage your orthodontic appliances. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthodontics.

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